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March 2,2022


March 2,2022

🌚✨Blessings on this new moon in Pisces ♓️ ✨🌚Leaping out of the deck today was the Death card 😳🤪. Just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier. Also coming forward today were two other cards. Joy 🤩 and The Earth Faery 🌳🧚. As I have mentioned lately there are a lot of energies flooding onto this planet which are causing a lot of changes both internally and externally. Please keep in mind that these are positive energies that are coming in and will bring positive changes. There is,and will be, a lot of emotions that arise. Let them flow and let the water take them away. These are connected with the past and areas of your life that need to be healed so allow them to go as they no longer are helping you, in fact they are hindering you. If you can be by a river or the ocean now where you can connect with the energy of the water and feel the flow within you that would be helpful. Get out in nature whenever possible and allow nature to help you heal. Trees 🌳 are especially helpful for grounding and healing. During all the turmoil it is very important to stay grounded and in the present moment. Be in the now and don’t get caught up in what next and the what ifs. Find Joy 🤩 in the moment and each day. Do something that brings you peace 🕊 and tranquility each day. Maybe it’s something you already do or perhaps you open up to try something new. Whatever it is make it part of your daily routine as it will help to keep you balanced and calm. These activities will help you connect with your higher self and Spirit. Connecting with yourself and Spirit regularly is also important now and it is becoming easier. God has the bigger picture and all will be revealed in Divine timing. Trust and have faith. 🙏. I know I have said this a lot as well however it is the truth and will bring you the calm within the storm.


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