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March 20,2023


March 20,2023

🌷 Norouz blessings. I wish all celebrating today happiness, prosperity and good health 🌷.

The cards for today augment the weekly reading. There are many changes, big changes, that are coming. Do not fear. Like the grief process there will be some sadness however that which must go will go in order for better things to come in. Doors may be closing but many more will be opening. The grieving process is interesting. Yes it can bring sadness however it also serves as a way to peel back the layers to expose what lies beneath. By doing this the Truth is exposed. This helps you to see who you truly are, and exposes others as well. You are the light, you are the love as you are part of Spirit✨. It is now time to take back your Divine right and stand in your light✨. It is time to take responsibility for yourself and admit your mistakes and ask Spirit ✨for forgiveness. Watch for the signs and trust the process as Spirit ✨ sees from a higher perspective. What you see on the earthly plane may look entirely different from high above. Things may not be as they seem. Pay attention and be watchful. Be alert to signs, omens and messages however they may appear. Forewarned is forearmed. Admit your mistakes and find the Truth about who you are. Know that everything happens for a reason. You might lose something however in the process of finding it you discover something even better. You have the power to change. Are you ready to embrace the changes? In the rough patches as you feel you are being dragged out to sea stay positive knowing that Spirit ✨ is watching over you and guiding you. Spirit ✨will take you to heights you have only dreamed of. Stay calm, stay grounded, stay connected. 🎶Let it be🎶.

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