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March 21,2022


March 21,2022

In following with the power of the Lady of the Lake today the Truth card appears. The Truth is what will bridge the gap and take you safely to where you need to go. Once you see the Truth then you will begin to understand. This applies to yourself, others and the world as we know it. Yes seeing the Truth may be uncomfortable at times, and frankly, a bit scary however it is necessary in order for you to see your way clearly to where you need to go. It is the first step to clearing anything that may be blocking your way. Please have faith that Spirit walks with you and will guide you and see you safely to where you need to go. Take time to breath and ground yourself and remain in a calm space. Stay positive knowing that Spirit will provide you with all that you need when you need it. Everything happens in perfect Divine timing. The Bee 🐝 also buzzed in just to remind us that there is still work to be done so continue to collect the materials you need. Every contribution is important to the whole, the bigger picture. Stick to your path. Listen to others however use your intuition to discern what path is best for you at this time. Perhaps tomorrow you explore another path. Perhaps it reaps more rewards, perhaps not however it may reveal other possibilities. Trust and have faith to follow your intuition, seek the Truth and know that all will work out as it is meant to be. Give thanks to the flowers 🌺 that give you nectar along the way. Be grateful for today. Be grateful for what is. Keep in mind that God can do the impossible. The Bee 🐝, aerodynamically speaking, should not be able to fly however it does. Miracles do happen and with God anything is possible. Find your balance so that you too can fly.


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