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March 22,2023

Updated: Mar 23


March 22,2023

Today I am guided to add to the weekly cards with the monthly guides from the “Keepers of the Light “ deck by Kyle Gray. These guides are coming through to help bring guidance about the way through as we enter into intense energies, shifts and changes. All this is happening in the unseen realms however we will feel it here in the physical plane. Lord Shiva was the card last month which speaks of destruction in order to recreate. Yesterday was the Death card which brings a similar message. Through loss/destruction we can see what is truly important and we can begin to create new things ( this includes patterns, beliefs, behaviours) that perhaps we were not able to because we were “stuck”. Through loss we often realize that there is a force (God,Spirit,the Universe, The Creator, Source or whatever name resonates with you) that is present and surrounds us. The way through will be to realize what needs to be forgiven and to forgive others, to honour Spirit , to listen to Spirit (our intuition), to be love and be loving, to see the positive and light in everything and learn so we can evolve. This is about rising up and taking hold of our inner wisdom, knowledge and love that is Spirit within us. This is about honouring Spirit and who we are and honouring others for who they are as well. We may be out of our comfort zone at times however knowing there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason can help us change our mindset and our thought processes, and perceptions, so that we can see situations from a different light. From the light of Spirit . Love is the way through, for others and for yourself. Knowing that you are loved as well. Trusting in the process. Staying in the light and dispelling any fears and knowing that Spirit will guide you to create, or recreate something new and even more beautiful. More beautiful as it will be created with love and in love. Spirit understands that this may be difficult at times. Stay faithful, stay true and know that with Spirit anything is possible. You can do this! Namaste 🙏💜. Believe in yourself 🦄.


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