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March 23,2023


March 23,2023

Today Pluto moves into Aquarius ️. This is a game changer and a very powerful shift in energy and consciousness. As this will be a twenty year cycle you may not see changes instantly. Some changes will be more obvious initially. Especially over the next couple of months. Spirit will be helping you see things from a higher perspective. 🦅This will help you get a better idea of what areas in your life need adjusting as well as possible paths you can take . From this higher perspective 🦅you will feel more connected with Spirit ✨and the angelic👼 realms as there will be a lot of help through this time and it will be a good idea to connect daily. Ask Spirit ✨ what you need to know each day. From this height you may also see things that are of concern. Spirit ✨ wants you to know that there is no need to fear. Spirit ✨ has got this. While you are high above the action 🦅take time to see. Spirit ✨moves in mysterious ways so strange and magical things may seem to happen. By watching from above and as an observer you can stay away from the drama 🎭 and remain in a more calm state of mind. As you watch things collapse you will also be able to see new things built as well. This is both internally and externally. All this might cause some trembling as the earth seems to move under your feet. You are in control. You can take flight 🦅and know that Spirit ✨is the wind beneath your wings and through Spirit ✨ miracles can happen. If you find that this new found freedom is overwhelming then take time to yourself and bring yourself back to that calm space whichever way you works best for you. Remember who you are. The mantra “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am. “ is powerful and can help. One day at a time. See from a different point of view. You will know when it’s time to take flight 🦅 and soar. Trust your intuition. See clearly. Be true to yourself. With Spirit ✨ anything is possible so dare to dream. See with love, light and truth. Believe in yourself.


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