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March 24,2023


March 24,2023

Closing the week we may begin to see changes occurring. These changes may be internal or external as Disruptions happen in our thoughts, beliefs and even in the world around us. Disruption happens in order for us to change our Perception and also for us to let go of things so that we open ourselves to new possibilities. Yes there may be some tumbles and falls however, if you allow Spirit to guide you it just may be that you truly find where your passions lie and what is important to you. The Lady of the Lake summons us to rise up and find the courage within in order to create something new and to expose who we truly are. This energy right now is like the Pheonix rising energy. The Fire Faery 🔥 🧚‍♀️ comes along and burns things down in order to expose everything and The Lady of the Lake helps you to find the courage to rise up and speak the truth, dispel any untruths, take responsibility for your actions and then have the strength to create something new. Spirit ✨ will guide you. Your angels will assist you. With Spirit ✨ anything is possible. Do you believe that? Do you believe in yourself? This is a time when you need to take back your power and accept only the truth. The truth is hidden and will be exposed. The truth is like food for your soul and it will help you create something beautiful.


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