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March 25,2022


March 25,2022

As we make changes to our lives we begin to realize that new experiences and new learning brings us greater knowledge of who we are and what we need to heal. You may not know where you are going , or how you will get there however trust you will get to where you need to go. Some of this knowledge comes as a surprise, and some may be a shock which wakes you up. Some knowledge we realize that we knew deep down however we chose not to acknowledge it. No matter what reason we are beginning to see that our old skin no longer helps us anymore. In fact it is hindering us. Now is the time to let go of that old skin so that you can expose the new skin which will take you to where you need to go. Metaphorically this is about allowing nature to take its course and getting rid of the old so that you can envision a new and brighter future. Exposing the raw skin may be difficult and you will need to find time to honour yourself and your new vulnerability by taking care of yourself and spending time with yourself to learn to use the new ways you have discovered. It is all worth it in the end although there will be times when it may not feel like that. Knowledge and your inner knowing are your power to help you change and will guide you. Find what brings you comfort and peace 🕊 and keeps you calm in those difficult times and get in the habit of using them everyday. If you feel you have nothing else, remember that prayer 🙏 is powerful. Ask Spirit and your soul daily what you need to know today. Listen with your heart ♥️ for the answer. Be patient. Change takes time. Healing takes time. ✨


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