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March 26,2022


March 26,2022

More Disruption 🤪. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, it will. We are in fast moving rapids right now and things are changing quickly. We are being challenged to ride the waves 🌊 and trust in the Divine plan and trust that we will get to where we need to go. It’s this next part that may be a wild ride. It is important to know your truth so that you can stand in your power as when things are happening quickly you don’t have time to think it through. You will need to know, and you do know. Remember to remember. In order for healing to take place Disruption is needed. We get complacent in our comfort zones and this often leads us to do nothing. Well that time is over. A little jostling is required to break us away so that we can open ourselves to knowledge, learning, the truth and healing. Often we need to face upset and turmoil in order to truly see what is important. See the Disruption as an opportunity to make changes. Changes that will bring about a calmness and peacefulness both for yourself and humanity. Also keep in mind that although, when you are riding the rapids, it may seem to last a long time however in truth it doesn’t. At the end of the rapids is a much more peaceful and calm place. In order to get there though there are some challenging, and perhaps scary, times in the middle. Remember where you are going and focus on the end result to keep you motivated and engaged. Celebrate the little wins each day. Enjoy the moment and be relaxed in the present. Worrying about the next section serves no purpose. It uses, and depletes, your precious energy. Knowledge is power. Knowing what you are heading for, peace and calm, will help you. Trust and have faith that Spirit rides with you and will get you there safely. Thank you for being here on earth at this time. Your light and love are greatly needed. You may only be one light but many lights together illuminate the whole. One drop of rain may be small but many make a lake which benefits many and sustains life. Namaste. 🙏


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