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March 26,2023


March 26-April 1,2023

This week you may begin to see, or feel, Movement. You may not understand it as it may be a slight shifting that you feel within however you can’t see it or understand it, at least not right away. As the week progresses you may find that stories emerge or you rewrite your story as more has happened and you have come to a different understanding of things. The important thing is to simply observe and stay in a calm space. Allow whatever emotions that come up to flow. Go with the flow. Find peace within. Let the water cleanse you and wash away anything that you no longer need, want or desire or no longer is part of your story. This week allow whatever Movement needs to occur. Be gentle with yourself and with others. Last week there was Disruption and this week feels more like a settling, like after a storm. Many felt internal Disruptions last week. Now allow the settling and integration of this new energy. 💜🙏🍎🗡🔮🌀🦄

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