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March 27,2022


March 27,2022

This week could be a mixed bag of tricks as three anchor cards have appeared for the week. There is an overarching theme to surrender and rely on the wisdom of what is sacred. This involves values of love and Forgiveness and believing in God’s ability to work magic and miracles. This is about integrity, accountability and responsibility for your actions. Love starts within yourself. Feel the love that Spirit has for you, bow down and accept it with grace. Once you experience the love of The Creator you will be forever changed. Ask Forgiveness if you have sinned and be willing to Forgive those that have trespassed against you. Forgiveness allows you to send others love and light and releases you from the heaviness of carrying the burden. Forgiveness gives them back responsibility for their actions. As mentioned yesterday there are rapid changes upon us and therefore be mindful of synchronicities. Everything happens for a reason. Open yourself to the light and all possibilities. As you walk your path be the light for others. Be an example of love and integrity. As you surrender to the love and light within, that is given to us unconditionally, you will notice that your life will begin to change almost effortlessly. You will see the truth as the darkness will be dispelled. You will know deep within what is truth. It will be, in some cases, like magic 🔮. The ah-ha moment when the illusion is lifted and you see what life is truly about. So this week Forgive yourself and Forgive others as you have been Forgiven. Shine your love and light and let the magic 🔮 happen. Be grateful for all that is and allow what will be happen in Divine timing.


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