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March 29,2022


March 29,2022

Communication is important. How you Communicate with yourself is vital. What are you saying to yourself? When you hear negative thoughts like you aren’t good enough or you will never learn to do something right Spirit is asking you to pause in that moment. Pause and hear your words and then ask yourself why you think that way. Continue with the five W’s ( who, what ,where,when and why) of what makes you think that way. You have the knowledge, your Wealth within, to understand where these thoughts originate from and from there you can begin the steps of how you are going to heal them, what steps you can take and what direction you want to go. You know deep within what will work best for you and where you need to go. Now is the time to connect and Communicate with yourself and Spirit and begin the journey to find your way through. Yes it may seem like a tangled mess and the path may not be clear yet. Trust that Spirit will help you uncover what you need to see and have faith that even though it doesn’t seem to make sense at the time, God always has a reason. There are no coincidences. First thing is to just set your intention to uncover what is needed to heal and then just begin wherever Spirit guides you. Sometimes your progress may seem slow and other times fast. Take time for yourself everyday. This is your time to pause, reflect and integrate all your have learned. As you begin to clear out the negative thoughts and experiences that are getting in your way you will understand more about who you are and what you need and want. You will see the beauty underneath. The bonus is that as you take away the darkness of the dead fall then the light can get in and create new growth. Knowledge is your Wealth. Make yourself a path that will light your way. Spirit and your angels 👼 can guide you however they also need you to do the work. As you clear yourself a path you will untangle and will be able to see more clearly. You won’t be so tied up in knots so to speak. Join with Spirit to show you the way. There will be difficult times. Remind yourself of that and be determined to make it through. Be kind, be patient and be gentle with yourself and others. Communicate with love 💜 to yourself and others.


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