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March 3,2023


March 3,2023

Who are you loyal to? First and foremost you need to be loyal to yourself. This does not mean you are selfish it means you love yourself enough to honour who you are. By loving yourself you then can love others even more. So loving yourself may initially sound selfish however it is actually the opposite. A big part of loving is also forgiving and being nonjudgmental. You will make mistakes and so will others. Learning from your mistakes is what is important. If others are angry with you understand. That doesn’t mean you roll over and play dead 🐶 so to speak it simply acknowledges that you have made a mistake. Love is the ultimate healer and no matter what happens The Dog 🐶 is a perfect example of that. Sometimes you have to be your own best friend as well. Be who you are and allow others to be themselves as well. You may need quiet time and/or a safe place at times however that is okay. Love yourself enough to give yourself the time. Rest as needed and also remember to enjoy each day and take time to play. Stay in that high vibration of love, joy and gratitude. The world needs your energy now. You need that energy now. Be you. Just be. Remember you are here for a reason. Be faithful. Have faith and live in the present moment. Each day is a new day. Start each day with the intention to enjoy the day. Live from your heart and trust your intuition.


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