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March 31,2023


March 31,2023

March comes to a close however there is still even more powerful moon ๐ŸŒ and eclipse energy to come next month. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸคชNow is the time to rest and pay attention. You might also find that your mind is easily distracted and leads you on a bit of a romp at times. You may want to acknowledge that and see the humour in how easily you are distracted. Each time will help you be wiser for the next time. Fool me once so the saying goes. There is a reason for everything and everything happens in Divine timing. Understanding your mind however remaining grounded and in a calm space where critical thinking can prevail is what is needed. Be gentle with yourself when you get โ€œfooledโ€. We all do it. When in doubt ask Spirit /God/The Creator โœจfor help. Learn from your follies. Trust and have faith that Spirit โœจ is showing you what you need to see. The Goblin reminds me of the asteroid โ˜„๏ธ Chiron which is in the skies right now. Chiron helps us to heal the wounds of the world through healing our own wounds. The Goblin will help you see areas of your life that require healing so see his antics as insight. What is The Goblin drawing your attention to? Perhaps the distraction is drawing you to areas you need to look at and reflect upon so that you can heal and make changes. The process of healing does make us stronger and helps us to see what is truly important to us and who we truly are. It may feel dark at times however please remember that you have the light โœจ within you and you can shine it to dispel the darkness. Spirit/God/The Creator โœจ will only bring to you what you can handle. Trust the process. Are you ready and willing to heal your wounds? Spirit/God/The Creator โœจ will help you.


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