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March 8,2023


March 8,2023

The weekly reading showed Joy 🤩 as the middle of the week message. To help us today we have the Focus card. Focus on Joy 🤩 and having fun in your life. The simple act of having fun or laughing helps your energy immensely and raises your vibration. When that happens you often feel physically lighter and are better able to maneuver whatever is put in front of you. Find time in each day to find Joy 🤩 in something even reading a good book or listening to music. Simple is sometimes better. Joy 🤩 is in everything if you choose to see it. Make that a daily intention to find Joy 🤩 in each day. Focus on where you are going and not where you have been. The past is behind you and that is where it needs to stay. You have gotten rid of a lot of old baggage. You no longer need it so keep Focused ahead on what you do want. It is more important now to Focus on the light ✨and not on the shadows. Let the light be your guide. You have come a long way and you are close to where you need to be. Stay on target. Stay positive. Be grateful for all you have and honour all your hard work. Today is International Woman’s Day as well so use the love and compassion that is within us all to walk forward. Love is the answer. Love will guide you on. Focus on one step at a time. That is all that is needed. Love yourself and send love to others. Focusing on what you love, including yourself 😉, will make the journey easier plus you will have a lot more fun 😁. Follow your heart ♥️. Love is everywhere. Love will unlock the peace 🕊️ and Joy 🤩 within that you deserve and that Spirit ✨ gives freely to you. Let that be your Focus 💜🙏✨.


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