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March 9,2023


March 9,2023

As there are a lot of shifts and changes occurring on all levels there may be a lot of new information, opportunities, knowledge and situations that you encounter. You can see this in different ways. You can see it as frustrating and inconvenient or you can see it as an adventure. Remember that your mind believes whatever it tells itself. Which will you choose? Will you choose to go forward with a sense of adventure and excitement and find the Joy 🤩 in the new? The difference will be in how you see it and what you choose to believe. Spirit ✨ gives us the freedom to choose. Each choice brings different experiences to ourselves and others. Our actions, our thoughts affect others as we are all connected through Spirit ✨. Learning means being open to acquiring new knowledge and understanding that this can be unsettling at times as some of the previous security you have felt is no longer there. Acknowledging, understanding and embracing this is helpful. Find the positive in each day because each day is an adventure. What did you learn today? Know that there will be times you simply don’t know. Ask questions, seek answers and find new solutions and possibilities. It may take a few tries sometimes however if you are intent on finding your way you will do it. As humans we have a tendency to become discouraged and give up. This is a time to stand strong. You may hold in a position for a bit as you learn something new however be determined to keep going. Learning is not a competition. We all learn at different rates and in different ways. Remember when you learn a new skill it takes time and practice to become comfortable and proficient at it. Some are more skilled at first however that doesn’t mean you cannot do it. It just means that you may need more practice and/or you need to adjust and do something similar with your own style. What comes to mind here is painting🎨. Two artists can paint the same picture however with different styles. It is still the same object they are painting however they look different. Both are unique and both are beautiful in different ways. One is not better than the other they are just different and that’s okay. The one thing they have in common is that each artist paints 🎨 from the heart ♥️ and expresses their unique self in different ways. So be unique and paint 🎨 your own picture in your unique way. Let Spirit ✨ guide you and listen to your heart ♥️. Follow your intuition. Be open to learning and discovery.


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