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March 5-12,2023

Updated: Mar 6


March 5-12,2023

Today instead of the anchor card I was guided to do a weekly spread. This spread is sort of in three sections-beginning of the week, mid week and the end. Several cards were drawn 😁😊. Not surprising as there is a lot of major planetary 🪐☄️⭐️shifts this week. I will continue with the daily readings as well as it feels like the week may be action packed energy wise.

The week begins with Disruptions. This may be in any area. The Disruptions are part of the Transformation 🦢 that must happen in order for new growth and evolution. You will need to go with the flow which may be difficult. Forewarned is forearmed. For many of you there will be Joy 🤩 around these endings and the excitement of new beginnings. It will be vital to find Joy 🤩 through this process. This is what is needed to keep you grounded, connected to Spirit ✨ and keep your vibration high. Laugh, do something you love and create time each day for Joy. As the week goes on you may notice that you are more creative and have a lot of new ideas. This is because this week is allowing space for that through letting go of karma and all that baggage that you no longer need. This week has a lot of healing energy. The big thing to remember is to not let Fear take hold. Fear can cause some insecurity and the idea of letting go can create even more insecurity. Let go and let God ✨. Stay connected to Spirit ✨and in the energy of Love 💜. Love 💜is the answer and the great healer. Listen to your heart. Stay grounded and stay calm. Fear cuts off your critical thinking so staying positive and in the moment will be needed. You may be challenged however remember that Spirit ✨ is in charge and Love 💜conquers all. Where there is Love 💜there is light ✨and where there is light the darkness (Fear) is dispelled. Shine your light on Fear and boldly go where no man has gone before ( for the Trekkies out there 😉). Allow The Creator to let Love 💜create Joy in your life and transform 🦢you in ways you can only dream of. It may be magical 🔮. Love💜,light ✨and blessings 🙏.


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