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May 1,2022


May 1,2022

The Hawk returns. This time in the anchor position for the week. There may be a lot going on in your head this week. You will have to take the wind beneath your wings and ride the winds of change. Allow that inner wisdom, the knowing without knowing how you know 😊🤔, to guide you. Your higher self, Spirit ✨and your angels are guiding you. Trusting the winds to take you to where you need to go is important. It can be a little disconcerting to spread your wings and fly when the past few months you have been on the edge and watchful. Now is the time to let go of the fear and trust Spirit✨. Allow yourself to see from the higher perspective where you get a bigger picture. Opportunities,ideas,patterns, beliefs and even people, may come and go. You will know intuitively which way to go. The Hawk never plans out which air current to take it just surrenders and trusts he will see what he is meant to see. When something catches his eye he takes action. Sometimes he catches his prey and sometimes not however that does not stop him from trying. This week there are powerful energies at work. Watch, feel and listen to what comes to you. It may even be in your dreams. There is a very powerful sense of Divine guidance right now. Will you allow yourself to be open to what comes your way. Keep in mind that your mind, the monkey 🐒 mind section 😉, may try to over analyze and stop you from changing. Listen to your heart. It takes courage to ride the winds however you have the wings to do that. Wings that God ✨has given you. Spirit ✨is your best friend. Spirit ✨is the wind beneath your wings.


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