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May 1,2023


May 1,2023

Beltane/May Day Blessings. Today is mid way between the spring equinox and summer solstice. It is a time for celebration, regeneration and new growth. It is a time to celebrate the light. It is a time to ignite new partnerships or perhaps rekindle old ones. Have you thought of your Partnership with Spirit? This would be a good time to do that. Remember that Spirit sees the higher perspective 🦅 and can guide you to new paths and opportunities. Now your mind, The Goblin, may not like this much as Spirit ✨ allows you free choice and The Goblin likes to control you through fear, distraction and by putting negative thoughts in your mind. Keep your thoughts focused on Spirit ✨as these will be positive and encouraging thoughts. Listen to your intuition. See from a higher perspective🦅, the view will most likely be more beautiful than expected. By taking that step back and seeing the whole picture you will not be so likely to be fooled by The Goblin. Take a step back and be patient while you wait for the seeds you have planted to grow. This is a good day to celebrate and dance. If you can have a fire 🔥 then invite some friends to join you. Buy yourself some flowers 💐 and enjoy their beauty. Do something fun. This time of year marks a shift. What is shifting for you?


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