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May 10,2022


May 10,2022

“The only thing to fear is fear itself”. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear is what paralyzes you and stops you from moving forward. Fear is what inhibits your critical thinking. Fear is what compels you to do things that don’t align with your values. Fear is what keeps you from changing. Fear is what wraps you in the vortex of overthinking and questioning yourself therefore creating a lack of confidence within. It is time to turn around and shine your light into the darkness of Fear. Once you face your Fears you can begin to see them more clearly and from there you can begin to see that there is a way through. Trust God and trust that your intuition will guide you to the next right step. Obstacles are lessons or moments to pause and rest. See them in a positive light and know Spirit puts them there to help you not hinder you. It is all in your mind set. Each day seek to take another step ( each step closer to the darkness of Fear shines a brighter light and creates more visibility) and use the courage within to take that step. When you get there you see from a different perspective. Perhaps this path is not as easy as you first thought however you see other ways around it. Remember this is not a race and Spirit will guide you as needed and how it is best for you. The time is now to turn around and face your Fear(s). Are you ready? You are not alone. Spirit and your guides are always with you and you will meet people along the way, as needed, who will help you or perhaps you will help them. We are all navigating new paths to create new possibilities and opportunities. We can all work together. Are you open to creating peace 🕊,balance ⚖️ and harmony 🎶 for your life, for others and for the earth 🌎. This is about the power of one and believing in yourself and the power of the mind. One person has the power to change and make changes.

Believe in yourself ✨. Believe in the magic ✨🦄


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