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May 10,2023


May 10,2023

As we head into the turning point of the week it is also a turning point on many levels. There is a lot of energy swirling 🌪️ around at this time. The reading yesterday spoke of this. When you feel like you are spinning connect with Spirit ✨, connect with the Spirit ✨ within. Connect with the love 💜 that Spirit ✨has for you. Feel this love for yourself and share this love with others. Many are struggling and feeling hopeless. You may feel helpless however you can send them love. Love is the greatest healer of all. It is like a fire 🔥 that cannot be extinguished. So when in doubt feel the love that Spirit ✨ has for you (remember to put your own oxygen mask on first 😉) and then pass it on to others. Love 💜 is the answer. Love 💜✨ is might 🗡️✨. Might 🗡️✨ is right 💜✨. Be a warrior of light✨. Listen to the guidance that Spirit ✨ and your angels 👼 bring to you. You will feel it and know it in your heart. Watch for the miracles that the love 💜of Spirit ✨can bring. Spirit has your back. Have faith.


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