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May 11,2023


May 11,2023

It is time to stand in your power and know what your values are and what you believe. Spirit ✨ understands that there are changes so it is important that you seek the Truth. It is important that you speak your Truth. Others may not believe you however forewarned is forearmed. They may not believe you and that’s their choice. Joining the cards today is The Merlin 🔮. He has seen how things are changing and what can happen. Like Spirit ✨ and your angels 👼 he cannot tell you what to do however he can guide you to find balance as you go through the changes. Know that The Holy Spirit ✨ sees ALL that is going in and we are coming into a time where justice will be served in order to restore balance. The scales ⚖️ have been tipped and now as light workers it is important to help others to see the Truth in order to assist them in finding their way back to the light ✨, the light that is within us all. You will not be able to flip the switch for them however you can guide them to where the switch is located. (Spoiler alert:it’s in your heart ♥️ 😉). It is important now to hold your light with love and compassion and help others to do the same. Please remember that there is always free choice in Divine law so others may not listen however you have given them clues to unlock their own magic 🔮✨ within. Trusting your intuition is important right now. Where The Holy Spirit ✨ and The Merlin collide there is bound to be magic 🔮 and miracles. Trust and have faith that everything is happening as it is meant to be. Shine your light ✨even if it is dim 🕯️. Each light counts. Each light is loved and valued unconditionally. Some days you may be brighter than others. That’s okay. Trust and have faith and know miracles do happen, and like magic, it can happen quite quickly and right in front of your eyes ✨🔮🙏💜


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