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May 15,2022


May 15,2022

This week, tomorrow actually, we will be experiencing the effects of a full blood moon🌕 in Scorpio ♏️ and a total lunar 🌙🌑eclipse. If that is not quite enough for you then adding to that is a Mercury retrograde and some other powerful planetary 🪐💫☄️alignments. I am not an astrologer however I do feel the intensity. There may already have been a lot of stuff that has come to the surface for you. Scorpio ♏️is intense and likes to brings things up from the deep. Scorpio ♏️ can sting 🦂 and it can be painful. Just when you think that you have made it through you may find that you are back where you started. Remember life is a spiral 🌀 and brings you back around to see things from a different angle so that you can heal all the layers. All this intensity can bring up a lot of emotions. Just allow these emotions however see them for what they are. Most likely they will have come from the past. Do you still feel this way or have you moved passed that? The intensity can create uncertainty which can create Fear. Don’t go there. Fear is the anchor card this week. Stay positive and know that you have already come through so much and you will get through this as well. It may seem daunting however staying grounded will keep you calm and when you are calm you can be clear in your thinking. If you are feeling overwhelmed then take a break to breathe or do something you enjoy. Often it is in those breaks that the solution comes to you as you are in a neutral mind where connection to Spirit and your intuition are heightened. We have often faced challenges in our lives and have had to take a deep breath and be determined to go on. This is one of those times. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? What is it that you really Fear? Fear is like anger in that it can hide the true reasons and emotions beneath. Will you shine your light and face your Fear(s)? There is always a way through. Ask for guidance. You are not alone. This is your time to shine ✨. Stand tall. Be strong. Take back your power. Walk in the light. Remember to remember. “I am the light✨. I am the love💜. I am the truth🗡. I am. 🙏“


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