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May 18,2022


May 18,2022

The anchor card for the week is Fear. Fear is an intense emotion. Fear prevents us from seeing and thinking clearly and can either paralyze us or cause us to react in unusual ways. Fear can cause us to hang on too tightly to things that are no longer in our best interests because we are afraid of Letting Go. Fear can make us think we are safe however it also diminishes our connection with Spirit and our inner knowing as it is like a blockade. Humans love to be in a comfort zone however we are in a time of change and what worked before is not working now however Fear is preventing us from seeing and acknowledging that. Disruption is the catalyst that can shake us up a bit and allow our inner knowing and guidance system to flow again. We are in a unique time of change and energetically a lot is happening very quickly. More than ever now stay positive and remind yourself that if Disruptions occur it is because there is something that you need to Let Go of in order to allow further growth and evolvement. Spirit knows you well and will not give you more than you can handle. When Disruptions occur in your life take a moment to breathe deeply and come to that calm space where you have clarity of thought. Breathe and allow yourself to go with the flow. It may feel scary at the time, like a fast ride at an amusement park, however know that it will end and often you look back and acknowledge the parts that were fun after all. Life may not be the same kind of fun as an amusement park however by Letting Go of thoughts, patterns and beliefs that prevent us from even starting we prevent ourselves from feeling the true joy that we are meant to experience. Allow yourself to go with the flow and see the new wonders, new scenes, that await you. Trust that Spirit will take you there at just the right time and speed. Stay grounded, calm and relaxed. Intense emotions may arise. That’s okay. Remember your emotions are your internal GPS and will assist you to see where you need to go. Have faith in Spirit abd trust the process. That is easier said than done however the good thing is, it does get easier. Practice makes perfect so to speak. If you don’t know where to start then start with Forgiveness and gratitude. Disruption is short lived and gives you the opportunity to create something new. Disruption can help you see in a new way and a new direction.


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