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May 19,2023


May 19,2022

The High Priestess knows within what is truth. She is guided by her intuition. The High Priestess connects with Spirit to create a vision for the future. It remains important to continue to see the future as you would like it to be as the energies this year are powerful for creating. Connecting with Spirit you begin to understand what truly is important in your life. It is important to understand yourself and from there you are able to see your true values and what areas of your life that you want to create changes in. Many opportunities, ideas and thoughts may be presented to you in the weeks ahead. Your inner knowing will guide you to what is right for you. Ask Spirit for help if you are uncertain. Continue to be caring and compassionate with yourself and others. Others may see things differently and that’s okay. Clarity comes from being in touch with yourself and this may mean some time spent alone in meditation, prayer or within nature. Spend time doing things that connect you with Spirit each day. Watch for signs and synchronicities along the way. Be mindful of your thoughts. Your thoughts are powerful. You may be also receiving information through your dreams. Whatever is coming up for you now is for you to see and acknowledge so that it can be transformed abd healed. Use the power within and the power of the moon 🌕 to tap into your inner wisdom. Follow your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right then it most likely isn’t. You will know what is right for you as you will feel inner peace 🕊. You may feel a knowing without knowing how you know. That is the magic of the Universe. Be gentle with yourself and go through each day with grace.


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