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May 2,2022


May 2,2022

The Truth always has a way of coming out. It may not be immediate however it will find its way to the surface. Sometimes the Truth can sting. This may cause others to lash out for various reasons with intense emotions. Stand in your Truth. The Truth never changes as it is the Truth. Spirit watches over and protects the Truth. The other part of the message today is that Truthfully, we have no idea where this path is taking us and what, or whom, we may encounter along the way. Spirit and your angels walk with you so fear not. Stay calm. Also this week you may feel some intense emotions as various Truths within yourself come to light. Understand that this is part of being human and is needed to clear your energy so you can start anew. Open your heart to the Truth and allow the Truth to be revealed to be transmuted and cleared. Anger can help you to see areas where you need to see your own Truth. Staying grounded and calm will be needed as when intense emotions arise it can easily cause your thoughts to become clouded. If you are experiencing intense emotions from others surround yourself in white, or pink, light with an intention that only loving thoughts and energy are allowed to cross through. Send loving thoughts out to those in need, including yourself. There is an intensity of energy in the air. The Truth is needed to get to where you are going. It is the bridge.


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