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May 2,2023


May 2,2023

The cards from yesterday come back today. We are venturing into unknown territory on our quest to find the Holy Grail. Now the Holy Grail has many meanings. I would recommend you look the meanings up as it may provide you with further clues. The meaning that is being brought forth today is about finding the light within. Finding your connection to Spirit and living in the love 💜, light ✨and truth 🗡️of Spirit. Be true to yourself, be honest with yourself, accept others for who they are and act with integrity (being honest and having strong moral principles). This can be tricky at times and definitely there will be times when you feel like you have failed. This is The Goblin attempting to distract you and deceive you so that you don’t see the truth and hopefully you give up. Do not be fooled. Connect with Spirit ✨and rise above the drama and see it for what it is, a movie 🎥. From your higher perspective to you see the truth. From your higher perspective you will see what is not visible on ground level. Let the light and love of Spirit ✨fill your cup and lighten your heart. Feel the love of Spirit ✨within you and listen to your heart. Spirit ✨ wants you to be happy so find what brings you joy, what fills your cup (heart) so to speak. This is your quest. Some days even the antics of The Goblin may bring you joy 🤩. Bow down and ask for help as needed. Spirit ✨always hears your prayers and they are answered however perhaps not in the time or ways you have thought of. Trust the process and find strength in the love and light of Spirit✨. The power is within. Have faith that you will find your Holy Grail. This is a quest to find who you are and the challenges along the way are designed to help you. Have faith. Be patient. Be a warrior, a knight🗡️, of the light ✨. Honour the Spirit✨ within. Your armour is the light✨, the love 💜and the truth 🗡️as this is the Spirit ✨within.


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