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May 20,2022


May 20,2022

The magic🔮that The High Priestess began yesterday continues on today as we are greeted by The Raven and accompanied by The Butterfly 🦋. As we enter into the energies of the new moon 🌚 you may begin to think differently and become even more aware of synchronicities. You may begin to have more “coincidental events”. You may find that your thinking is beginning to change 🦋, and, for the better. It may be that you begin to see how beautiful you truly are. Everything happens for a reason. Look at everything in your life from a magical 🔮perspective. Like the behind the scenes action (your past), there is a lot that went on. A lot that you were not able to see. The behind the scenes magic 🔮is going on right now (present) to make sure that the magic🔮 is awe inspiring (future). Spirit’s ✨magical ability to transform is beyond our capability of even knowing or understanding. Trust that whatever happens, or is presented to you, is to help you truly find the beauty and magic within yourself. Watch for numbers, feathers 🪶 etc as these are ways that Spirit communicates with you. Pay attention to your dreams as well, day dreams and night dreams😉. Your thoughts and perceptions are beginning to change. Be open to new possibilities. Allow the magic 🔮 🦋to take you where you need to go. Let the magic 🔮 of Spirit ✨ being forth the beauty within. Once you see the beauty within yourself you will see the beauty within others, and all around you, as well. 🔮🦋


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