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May 22,2023


May 22,2023

As you continue on your journey and learn more about who you are you will notice that your Boundaries are changing. Things that you used to tolerate before in order to “fit in” are no longer tolerable. From your journey and your connection with Spirit you are learning how to better Communicate with Spirit and the Spirit inside and you are awakening to the Truth🗡️. Once you have seen, and felt, the Truth 🗡️there is no turning back. Once seen, heard or felt there is no unseeing it so to speak. You are awakening to the Truth 🗡️and to the Truth 🗡️that you are never alone. Before you said it but didn’t fully feel or believe it. Now you do. You know that at times it can be a lonely road and you seem to be out in left field so to speak however now it doesn’t bother you because you know deep within you are never alone and you are comfortable with the new found knowledge and wisdom of who you are and why you are here. Your journey from here will take you into unknown territory however together with Spirit ✨ and your angels 😇 you will find your way. You are loved and supported. Stand in your power, the power of Spirit ✨ and know the journey is just now beginning. What a journey it will be as Spirit ✨ reveals even more of who you truly are. You have done a great deal of healing and now can know where to set healthy boundaries in all aspects of life. Go forward with love 💜 in your heart to inspire ✨ and teach others.


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