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May 23,2023


May 23,2023

As you begin into new adventures keep in mind that you are creating your own story. You are creating your own story with the guidance of Spirit. Listen to the guidance along the way especially during those times when you feel like giving up. There will be times that you feel drained, tired and uncertain. Allow yourself these times to rest and reconnect with Spirit. It may mean you set some temporary Boundaries in order to give yourself some space. Just know that’s what you are doing. Keeping your thoughts positive knowing that everything happens for a reason will be needed. You are paving the way, breaking the trail for others so do so with love 💜and peace 🕊in your heart. As you walk this road there may be challenges and Boundaries along the way. Keep in mind that they are there for a reason. Perhaps it is to teach you or perhaps to protect you. Trust in Spirit ✨, trust in the Spirit ✨ within and listen to the Truth that is within your heart. As you meet others along the way tell them your story. Tell them how much Spirit ✨loves them and tell them that their sins will be forgiven if they ask for forgiveness. Teach by example. Teach with love 💜. Some may value your story and others may not. Trust that you will touch whoever needs it in perfect and Divine timing. Let your love 💜, light ✨ and Truth 🗡️ inspire others along the way. Know that the love you radiate will reach those who need it. Stay true to yourself and go forward with your love 💜, light ✨ and truth 🗡️ as your guidance and protector. “I am the light ✨. I am the love 💜. I am the truth🗡️. I am.


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