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May 24,2023


May 24,2023

Once again the energies are intensifying. Thanks 🙏 to all the light workers, the warriors of the light ✨, who have stood strong and have continued to shine your light ☀️. Now the light ☀️is about to get brighter. Spirit ✨will shine the light ☀️so bright that you will see the Truth🗡and what has been hidden in the shadows. There can be no darkness where there is light☀️✨. The Truth 🗡️will lead you to the light✨. The Truth 🗡️ that is revealed may be about yourself, others or the world around you. Yes the Truth 🗡️ may be upsetting, perhaps even shocking, at times however remember that Spirit ✨ is with you and will guide and protect you so that you cross the bridge of Truth 🗡️safely. Nothing will be able to hide in the darkness once the Divine Light ✨has touched it. So be prepared. You will need to stay grounded and calm in order to maintain your balance. Breathe 🧘‍♀️. It’s free and always with you. The stories may get a little bizarre so make sure you have a sense of humour. Your story is the past and it doesn’t define you or the future. Remember that you are creating the story and you are the hero and the hero wins in the end because the hero has chosen to shine light ✨ on the Truth 🗡️in order to heal and find joy in life. Are you ready to walk into the light so that you can heal and find the abundance of love 💜, joy 🤩 and peace 🕊️ within? The abundance that you deserve. Are you ready to accept the Truth 🗡️ and have the courage to shine your light ✨ as a beacon for others? It’s time to decide. ✨☀️🗡️🙏


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