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May 25,2022



Back to creativity 🕸🕷. You have created your web 🕸. Some parts may not be perfect and that’s okay. Part of your uniqueness is your imperfections. Accept these parts. Astrologically🪐☄️💫, Mars enters Aries ♈️ today. Talk about action orientated 😳. If you have been sitting in your web 🕸 wondering what to to next, and perhaps not having much motivation to do anything, you might find this energy gives you the impulsion to get moving. This is a time to take action on things you have been creating and envisioning. You may have to leave the comfort zone of your web at times. At other times you may need to be at rest in your web and ponder the possibilities in order to find solutions. Coming out of your comfort zone can leave you uneasy and unsettled however it is needed now. Keep in mind that you can always scurry 🕷 back to your web 🕸 when you get overwhelmed. Starting out with short distances will help you gain the confidence, the experiences and the courage you need to go that extra mile. What part of your creation is ready to take action on? There are many choices and directions you can go. They are all part of your web so the choice is yours. Perhaps you go one way and realize that the threads in that part of the web 🕸 are not strong enough. You have a choice to strengthen them or move to another section. The important part is to move. Both Mars and Aries ♈️ are powerful planets 🪐 ☄️of action. Be mindful that you are not scurrying 🕷 in several directions at once. Connect with Spirit to guide you along the way. Listen to the web 🕸 of life and your inner guidance as you are part of this web. Keep in mind that everyone is different and the same. Webs🕸 may look similar however there are differences. Your web 🕸 is unique so comparing with others is not healthy. Sharing is good. There is a difference between sharing and comparing. Together we share our webs🕸 to create something larger and more beautiful than you can imagine. Put your creativity into action no matter how big or how small. Each part is a piece of the larger web 🕸 and all are important and needed.


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