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May 25,2023


May 25,2023

As you move closer to the Divine Light and as you feel and embody the light ✨ more and more you will begin to see the Truth. Better yet you will begin to feel the Truth. This will bring a deeper understanding and a deeper knowing. You will begin to see things differently, from the eyes of Spirit ✨ and the Spirit ✨ within. Even though your story has had ups and downs, twists and turns (spoiler alert: these will continue 🤗) you understand that Spirit ✨ always has a reason. Everyone is on their own journey. We all are searching for the light✨, love 💜 and Truth however we go about it in different ways depending on what we are here to learn. So when you find yourself in more challenging parts of your story please keep in mind that we are presented with situations in order for us to see our Truth, to set healthy Boundaries, to help us connect and Communicate with Spirit ✨ and to learn how to go through life with Grace. How do you do that? Well first and foremost is to not to compare yourself with others. Live your life with joy and have fun, seek new adventures and focus on living your life to the fullest potential. Focus on love 💜. If someone else was telling your story would it be a fun loving, adventurous story? Would it make others smile and inspire them? Just be you. Be your true and authentic self, enjoy your life and be accepting of other peoples journeys as well. Spirit ✨ wants you to enjoy your life. Find what brings you joy. Find what soothes your soul and do that. Express what is in your heart and find the peace 🕊️ and balance ⚖️ within by whatever means works best for you (FYI it may be different things at different times and perhaps be adventurous and try something new 😉). Let Spirit ✨ guide you and know that the Truth 🗡️, the love 💜 and the Divine Light ✨ will win in the end. Focus on your own story and leave the rest to Spirit ✨. Most of all create a fun and entertaining story for yourself filled with love 💜, light ✨ and many blessings because abundance is your Divine right as a soul.


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