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May 28,2022


May 28,2022

The Water Faery 💧 🧚‍♂️ is back. Please be gentle with yourself as you go through the changes of letting go, creating and finding your way. As you venture on there will be things that you see and understand differently. When you look at a body of water 💧 you simply see what is on the surface however underneath the surface there is a complex system of movement and interactions occurring, a lot which are not visible to the naked eye. All this occurs to keep a delicate balance of the ecosystem so that life can flow in balance and harmony. Everything happens for a reason. The same is happening within you. As your body, mind and soul work invisibly to help you find the balance and harmony below the surface just allow what needs to happen. It may be emotional at times however water is cleansing and calming. Breathe and just let whatever needs to come to the surface come up so it can be released. You can push it back down however, eventually it will come to the surface again as the nature within your body filters out what is needed, what is necessary and what requires adjustment in order for you to heal and come to a place of inner peace and tranquillity. A lot is happening below the surface. Go with the flow. Allow nature to find the balance within. All is well. Believe in yourself.✨Believe in the magic. 🦄🔮

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