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May 3,2022


May 3,2022

What is your vision of the future for yourself and the world? This is the time to really see what it is you want and the world you want to live in. How do you see yourself in the future. Your vision will help guide you to your freedom to be you. With your connection to Spirit✨ and the magic 🔮of alchemy this week you will find guidance from within. You may find that you intuitively know what is right for you and you will find yourself being more discerning of information and opportunities that come your way. You will find that you are naturally guided to those things that fit in with your core values and you will not be easily swayed. Your core values are your foundation and your pillars of strength. If you hold true to them you hold true to yourself. Some of you may find help along the way and others may choose to go it alone. You always have freedom of choice so be wary if you are not allowed to choose or you need to choose quickly. Creating your vision and choosing the right ingredients is not something that must be decided at a gallop 🏇. Being clear is more important. Some may require help along the way so trust if help is needed that the right people will come your way. You may have to allow others to do things so that you take the time you need to be clear on your vision. See your vision for the future like your own personal movie 🎥. Make sure to enjoy the show and as the director, producer and star ⭐️ of your show you can create whatever you desire and make changes as needed. Use your intuition. Let the Universe take it from there. Set yourself free and let the magic 🔮 and Spirit✨ take you where you need to go.

Believe in yourself ✨. Believe in the magic 🦄🔮✨


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