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May 3,2023


May 3,2023

You have Spirit within you. Your quest is to connect with the Spirit within. That connection will help you to discern what is truth and will guide you where you need to go. That means that you may choose to take routes that bring challenges. Please remember that challenges are presented in order for you to see things differently and to learn so that you can make changes or be prepared for the future. Ask Spirit daily what you need to know. As you continue on your journey you may begin to see subtle changes. Be grateful for even the smallest things. Take time each day to be grateful. Ask how you can serve. Yes we are here to learn and we are also here to help each other. Share what you know. Keep in mind that everyone has a unique quest. No quest is better than the other as they are unique to each individual. Remember this and treat each other with respect and dignity along the way as you would like to be treated. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Sometimes this may be difficult so during those times ask Spirit for assistance to help you be patient. Let the light within you shine so others too can see. Lead by example and have faith that Spirit is with you and within you. Be patient as Divine timing is different from linear time. God’s timing is perfect timing. You always have all that you need. You are always where you are meant to be. What you focus on is what will come to you so be mindful of your thoughts. When in doubt, frustrated, discouraged, uncertain or whatever emotions or challenges arise look to Spirit and the Spirit within. You are stronger than you think and Spirit does not give you anymore than you can handle. When in doubt look to the light.


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