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May 7,2022


May 7, 2022

The Horse ๐ŸŽ is a symbol of freedom. What does freedom mean to you? The Horse ๐ŸŽ values its freedom and when trapped will fight with all its power to get free. Having worked with The Horse ๐ŸŽ for almost 60 years I can tell you that they are powerful creatures. They are also very gentle and kind creatures when they are treated with love and respect. What method do you think is more effective to โ€œtameโ€ The Horse ๐ŸŽ? Backing it into a corner or being kind and gentle and allowing The Horse ๐ŸŽ to choose to leave if it so desires? The Horse ๐ŸŽ teaches us a lot about patience. You never know what The Horse ๐ŸŽ has experienced in the past, or what side of the corral it woke up on today, so approaching with kindness and openness and accepting where The Horse ๐ŸŽ is at today is important. Keep your ego and agenda at the door. Be prepared each day to adjust as necessary to approach others with kindness and respect. Force never works and if you are forcing The Horse ๐ŸŽ there is a good chance it will not bode well. Perhaps you need help with this. Often people are brought into your life for a reason (they may teach you) or you can seek help from a professional. Being you and being honest about yourself is important, and the first thing to do because then you are comfortable with who you are and you know your boundaries and have respect for others boundaries as well. The Horse ๐ŸŽ lives in a herd and relies on other members for security and leadership however is allowed to be itself in that hierarchy. When their freedom is in jeopardy, or they are threatened, they work together for the highest good of all. They are strong, they are powerful because they know who they are and what they value. What can you learn from The Horse ๐ŸŽ?


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