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May 8,2022


May 8,2022

🌸🌹Happy Mother’s Day🌹🌸Today The Spider 🕷 comes to talk about creation and guidance. Like a mother who creates life and then guides that new life to become the best version of themselves.

The Spider 🕷 is the anchor card this week so there may be a lot of fast moving energy for some as you begin to realize that the web 🕸 you thought was secure no longer can serve you. Repairs are futile as they can no longer hold strong. This is going to create a lot of mixed, variable and volatile emotions. This will create a lot of questions about how did you get here, where to go from here and what to do next. Many already realize that the centre of the web 🕸 is the strongest point. These are your values about who you are and what is important to you. Your web 🕸 may break around you however you are secure in your values so can easily create a new start. What you create, or recreate from there is the challenge. Will you just do the same again knowing that it won’t last or will you look at ways to strengthen your web🕸 through new and creative thinking? Will it be perfect? Absolutely not. Nothing in nature is perfect and neither are we. The beauty of it all is that nature, and ourselves, can adapt. Adaptation is sometimes big changes however can be little changes as well. Use your gut instincts to know where to start. Creative projects and activities of any kind can be a great place to connect with Spirit and your inner guidance. You can even draw your own web 🕸 on paper. The centre section being words and values that inspire you and, you aspire to, and each section of the web is ways you can achieve the things you desire and the attributes you want to create within yourself. The Spider 🕷 is persistent and doesn’t give up. The Spider 🕷 knows creating its web🕸 is necessary to survive. Be persistent and resilient like The Spider 🕷. Sometimes you may have to scuttle away and hide to avoid being stepped on. Use your inner wisdom and trust your intuition. Connect with Spirit and your inner wisdom to assist in your creation. Get back to earth, back to basics and see what is important in your life and then look for new ways to create what you desire. Be patient. You have all that you need.


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