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May 9,2023


May 9,2023

Well to elaborate on the weekly reading…..

There is a lot buzzing 🐝 right now and you may have a lot coming at you, at lot going on in your head and there may be a lot of twists and turns. You may hear a lot of different things. Information will be flooding in and the current is picking up speed. Stay steady, stay calm and just watch the current flow from your vantage point. Perception is everything. Not everything will be the Truth however there will be a lot of Truth that is exposed. It will be up to you to check what is below the surface and what is covered up and what you are not seeing. How you see things is important as your thoughts are powerful. If you see things as hopeless and nothing is working out and you can’t go on anymore than that is the energy you will attract. You have the power and strength to get through this. Discernment is required. This will require that you Trust in Spirit✨, Trust your intuition and believe in yourself. Hold steady and allow the magic within 🔮, the magic 🔮✨that comes from Spirit ✨ and the Spirit ✨ within to guide you. Listen with your heart. Connect with your soul daily to find what you need and what you need to know. There is some blind faith required however know that the path leads to the light. Envision better times ahead. Envision what you want for the future perhaps not all the details however how you want to be and what is of value to you. Let Spirit ✨ and your angels 😇 take care of the details. Stay positive, stay calm, listen to your body and soul, pay attention to signs and synchronicities along the way, and follow your heart. Your heart knows what is True for you. You will reap the rewards however in will be Divine time. Trust that all is well.


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