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November 12,2022


November 12,2022

There is Movement you just cannot see it at the moment as it is underneath the surface. For now stay in that calm and peaceful place and enjoy the moment. Let the ripples of emotion pass by knowing that you are safe where you are. The big wave has splashed and now there are only ripples left. The big splash caused some disruption below the surface so there is some adjusting happening which, occasionally, causes ripples at the surface. Allow this Movement within you as well. These are small adjustments. Some of them are almost imperceivable however each little ripple makes a difference. This is a time to allow what is below the surface to adjust and settle as it needs to. Allow what needs to happen. Stay in the present moment. One day at a time. Enjoy each day and, each moment, for that matter. Enjoy the peace 🕊 and quiet while you can. Life,and the world, are dynamic. Nothing stays the same. Prepare for the next wave of Movement knowing that it will come however you know there is nothing to fear because you have done the inner work needed. You know you will face another wave one day however until it comes you just remain calm and enjoy each moment. Small Movements add up to create bigger changes. Each step, each day, that you continue to be present makes a difference. Your presence is like a drop 💧 in the pond. Alone it doesn’t make a difference however together you create a body of water that creates a vessel of life for so many. Each drop is needed to create the pond. You are needed. Love 💜,light ✨ and blessings 🙏.


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