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November 14,2022


November 14,2022

This week will also require some time to yourself especially time to step back out of the action and watch. By allowing yourself to be in the role of observer you can get a clearer and more well rounded picture of what is happening around you. Not all you see is real or true to you so soften your eyes to see more clearly and in all directions. Use your intuition to discern what is right for you. Take time to go easy on yourself and let the high energy of the past few weeks settle within your body and allow yourself to adjust. Trust that you will know what is best for you. By taking time for you to ground and remain in a calm space you will be better able to deal with others. This week may challenge your patience a little. If you find that dealing with others frustrating then make sure you are fully present when interacting with them so you can deal with situations in a calm, gentle and diplomatic fashion. If you watch long enough the truth of what is happening does reveal itself. Trust your intuition this week. Connect with your heart ♥️ and use your heart ♥️ for guidance. Send out that gentle, soft and loving energy from your heart ♥️ and watch this loving energy do it’s magic 🔮. Find peace 🕊 within yourself this week. Be kind to yourself.


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