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November 15,2022


November 15,2022

It seems there are some major changes in Communication coming out way. This refers to all levels of Communication. How we Communicate with ourselves is vitally important right now. Using positive affirmations to dispel the negativity and old beliefs that have been a part of our thought process is most helpful. How you may Communicate with others may require a major overhaul. Look at your Communication style. What would you like to change? Envision yourself Communicating in this way. It can be difficult to change anything and there will be ups and downs for sure. In these times of change it seems we are looking at major changes Communication and that is much needed. New ways of Communication will/are filtering in as we experiences the shifts happening. As always staying grounded will be most needed. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground so you can think clearly, stay calm and come up with solutions. Allow your emotions of course however limit them to a certain time length each day so you don’t get swept off your feet and caught in a rip tide. Communicate with Spirit as well. Communication is a two way street so remember to listen, and watch, for the answers. Spirit and your angels 👼 Communicate in various ways like numbers, songs, finding objects like feathers,dreams or other signs, symbols and synchronicities so pay attention. You may not be able to see where you are heading at this time. Trust that you will see what you need to see when you need to see it. Communication involves so much and so many areas, including nonverbal, so prepare for changes and allow whatever needs to change to be gently brought to shore and then gently wash back out to sea. All is well. You can do this. Trust yourself. You came here for this time so you have all the tools that you need.


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