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November 16,2022


November 16,2022

Trusting and allowing changes require a Risk. It often involves stepping out of your comfort zone which can set off your sympathetic nervous system and put you in to a fight, flight or freeze response. This response shuts down your ability to think clearly and with discernment. It is a reactive state versus a mindful state. Trust that Spirit is guiding you. Stay grounded. The quickest way is always straight ahead however there is choice and you are free to take another direction if you so choose. Other directions may be distractions and may take you off course for a while and that’s okay. You may learn something new. Know that you always return to your path and you always get to where you need to go. During this time take time to meditate 🧘‍♀️ or pray 🙏 and seek the answers within. For some listening to the wisdom within seems like a Risk as well. Experiences and programmed beliefs may have taught you otherwise. Take one step at a time. Listen to your intuition and Trust that you are guided. When you feel anxious take time to breathe 🧘‍♀️ until you are calm. Staying calm and in the present moment is important. Stay in your own lane. This is not a competition. If you need to take a rest then do so. You will always get to where you need to go in just the right time. If you are where you need to be and going in the right direction everything seems to line up without obstacles. That is synchronicity. Stay positive. Know that you have the strength and courage to face whatever is presented to you. Spirit✨ does not give you anything you cannot handle and you are never alone. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? What are your dreams/visions for the future? Dare to dream.


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