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November 17,2022


November 17,2022

Whatever is Restricting you from taking the next steps is entirely within yourself. The path is clear although what lies around the bend is still unknown. If you want to make changes then you need to Trust in yourself and Trust in Spirit. If you stay where you are then things will stay the same. If you turn around you will go back to the way things were and you know that you don’t want to go back there. Yes there may be some things that were good about the past, not everything is horrid. Bring the good things with you. It doesn’t mean you throw everything away just those things which no longer work like they used to. Now you get to explore new things and you have the opportunity and the space to allow these new ideas and beliefs. Yes the path may seem a little narrow right now as it takes time to discover new ways however as you are able to widen your thinking and experiences the path will open up and the light within will become even brighter which in turn will illuminate and expand your life even more. The first part of a long journey seems to go the slowest however once you get going things seem to speed up. Think of a holiday. At first you think you will have more than enough time however after the initial day or two things speed up and before you know it it is time to go home. Holidays are healing journeys where you can get away and refresh and renew. Where you can break free of your usual way of thinking, your routines and habits and experience something new without being stuck in the day to day routines. Look at this time as the start of your holiday. It may begin slowly however as your healing continues soon the space around you begins to expand and before you know it you are excited to be able to create and experience new things. Each step in this path will show you a different perspective. Each step will reveal something new. Go at your own pace. Trust what you see, feel and experience is what you need. We are afraid of the dark because we cannot see in it. When you get to the dark portions remember that the light is within you. You just have to turn it on. You have all the tools you need to get through this and you may discover new variations and new tools along the way. Be open and positive to new discoveries 😊.


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