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November 2,2022


November 2,2022

Transformation 🦢has its ups and downs. Some days are better than others. It is through these more difficult days that we learn the most. We learn about our emotions and the grief we feel as we leave the past behind and adjust to who we are becoming 🦢. We learn the Truth 🗡about what is important both within ourselves and the world around us. We learn that we can find our balance and go through life with grace 🦢✨. We also know intuitively that through the Truth 🗡, and our understanding of who we are and who Spirit✨ is, what lies ahead is beautiful 🦢. As we make the transition we are much more able to glide 🦢 ahead as we know what we can and can’t do, where we want to go and what we are truly capable of. Also what Spirit ✨is truly capable of. By trusting our intuition, allowing ourselves to see the Truth , no matter how painful, we allow the transformation 🦢. Through this process it remains important to stay grounded and also connected with Spirit✨. You may not be able to see how beautiful you have become (others will) however you will feel it deep within your soul. The other message that The Swan 🦢 has today is for you to pay attention to psychic gifts that may be growing stronger. Do you know things, or feel things, without knowing how you know them? Do you have visions? Do you hear what to do? These are psychic gifts and we all have them however for many they are becoming stronger. Please, please take note here that Spirit ✨only speaks kindly, positively and in a loving way and never asks you to do anything harmful or against your will. You always have choice. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. Listen to your inner wisdom. Each day is a new day. Accept the things you cannot change, courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference (Serenity Prayer 🙏).


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