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November 20,2022


November 20,2022

The anchor card this week is The Dog 🐶. The biggest message coming through is one to be loyal to yourself. Be yourself. Do what makes you feel happy. Allow others to be themselves as well. They may do things that you don’t like however that does not mean you don’t love them or accept them. If you don’t like what is happening you can just walk, or perhaps, run away and take time to do something you do enjoy. This week is about being true to yourself and truthful to yourself. If some areas of your life are no longer working then it is time for a change. Being loyal and truthful to yourself is not selfish. It will help you to understand who you are, what you like and where your boundaries are. When you know yourself and honour yourself then you are able to show up genuinely and with confidence. Showing up and being present with others is important. Because you love who you are you can now radiate this energy to others. Think of how your dog greets you and the joy you receive from him/her when you show up. Whether others know it or not they will feel your loving energy and that in itself has a ripple effect. Others will honour and respect who you are if you know who you are. When you are loyal to yourself and be who you are it makes it easier for you to allow others to be who they are as well. There may be some that you need to avoid however if that is the case then make sure you send your love to them anyway. Love can do amazing things and especially now we need to hold the love and be nonjudgemental as many are feeling the shift. Everything is still in transition and may look different in a week, or even a day. Patience is required, both with yourself and others. So this week be your own best friend and treat yourself, and others, like your Dog 🐶 treats you. Treat yourself, and others, like you would like to be treated.

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