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November 22,2022


November 22,2022

Lots of 2’s today 😳. The cards today want us to know that Spirit ✨ is always watching. Spirit✨ is always with us. Please send any worries and concerns to Spirit ✨and allow Spirit✨ to take care of them. Spirit✨ sees from above however on the earth plane we have a limited view. When we encounter something that is unknown, or perhaps puts us on alert 🚨 , it is important to first of all recognize that feeling, take a breath, ground yourself in a calm state of mind and ask Spirit✨ to help. All this is happening almost simultaneously. It helps to soften your eyes as well so that you can see around you and not be laser focused. Softening your eyes and your face brings forth a calmer feeling as well. If you are feeling a little wary right now that’s okay. Stay on your own path. There may be distractions however you would be better served by not paying too much attention. Acknowledge them however do not focus on them. Use your wisdom and discernment to stay in balance ⚖️ . There is a lot to see and process at times and our senses are heightened. Deal with what you can on ground level and let Spirit ✨handle the rest. Be gentle, be soft 🦌. See from the higher perspective 🦅 and be understanding. If there is conflict soften your eyes and soften your heart and just send love💜. Energy has no boundaries or limitations so your love 💜will go wherever you send it or wherever it is needed😉. Practice daily connecting with Spirit✨. For now continue quietly and softly 🦌 on your way knowing, and trusting, that Spirit ✨and your angels 😇 are watching over you, guiding you and are always there to help if you ask. Spirit’s ✨ energy is loving and gentle. Be loving and gentle with yourself and others. You are where you need to be. All is well. And so it is✨.


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