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November 24,2022


November 24,2022

As you walk into the unknown there may be a variety of emotions that come to the surface. These emotions will surface at just the right time in order for you to acknowledge them, understand them and release them. Imagine them drifting out to sea ๐ŸŒŠ on the gentle breeze. Know that only what you can handle arises. Spirit โœจ Protects you in this way because these emotions, and thoughts that accompany them, come up only when you are ready. It may be painful at times however it is by going through the pain that we acquire deeper wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that we can make changes for the future. Staying in the moment and keeping your focus on your vision for the future is needed however, more importantly, make sure you see what is right in front of you and soften your eyes to see around you as well. This journey is one that requires you to see in all directions, not so that you change your direction, more so that it will help you to soften and know that what surrounds you supports you as well. There is so much support for you right now if you open yourself to it. It is difficult to connect and to see and feel all the love and support if you are laser focused. What is catching your attention right now? What are your eyes drawn to? It is hard to see the beauty that surrounds you when you are focused ahead. See the future however walk in the present. The next steps will be revealed when the time is right. Until then be grateful for where you are now and take time to enjoy the view. Allow the light โœจ within to guide you and to shine in the darkness so that you can see. Spirit โœจ walks with you. All is well.


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