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November 3,2022


November 3,2022

There is a lot of energy of all varieties swirling 🌪 around at this time. This is to be expected in times of change, transformation and transition. On the heroes journey in search of a quest there is often a lot of chaos and upheaval in the middle. The Grail Knight 🗡✨comes to remind us to hold the light ✨and the love 🤍 and remember what we came here for. Remember your quest and know that the love 🤍and light ✨shines upon you and surrounds you during these tumultuous times. The light✨, your light ✨is your suit of armour. When you feel you can’t go on and all is lost Spirit✨ asks you to stop, surrender and lift your cup so that it can be filled with all the love🤍, light✨, strength, courage and wisdom that Spirit ✨ has to offer. FYI that is abundant and never ending supply. It is okay to be tired and discouraged at times so please recognize when this is happening and take some time to gather your energy and regroup. Ask Spirit to help you. The light ✨shines for all and is offered for sharing. Imagine this white light ✨🤍coming in to your crown chakra (top of your head) and filtering through all parts of your body and into your cells. Feel the high vibration of this energy. Feel the love 💜of this energy and send this out from your heart 💚chakra. You can send this to people in particular or just out in general. Know that it will go where it is most needed. Make this a way of being. Wherever you go imagine this light ✨🤍within you and surrounding you and radiate it out to others. This light ✨ dispels the darkness and exposes illusions by shining light on the Truth. The abundance 🐄 spoken about earlier this week includes the abundance of love that Spirit/The Creator/God ✨has for us. It is freely given and never ending. If you have ever felt this you will know how powerful it is. Go forward humbly knowing that your light ✨🤍does make a difference and is part of a whole. Know that you are here for a reason. You are here to hold the love 🤍and light and raise the vibration of the planet. Know that the hero often appears to have lost just before help arrives to save the day. Trust that your quest, your ability to hold the love 🤍and light✨, will be successful. Trust Divine timing. Trust in Spirit✨. Trust yourself. If you are unable to visualize the light within then simply say the mantra “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I AM.”

Sending you love💜, light ✨and blessings 🙏to thank you for your courage to be here at this time. Everyone plays a part and is loved for their service. 💜✨


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