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November 5,2022


November 5,2022

Unusual combinations of cards jumping out of the deck these days. Today is no exception.

The light is the Truth🗡. The light ✨is your strength, wisdom and your power. The light✨ is Spirit ✨. Bow to Spirit ✨and seek forgiveness. You will be forgiven. Ask Spirit ✨to fill your cup and give you strength when you grow weary. Ask Spirit ✨to shine light ✨so you can see the Truth🗡. You are the light✨ as you have the light ✨within you. You know the Truth 🗡and you know the Truth 🗡will be revealed. The Truth has a way of coming out. Ask Spirit ✨what you need to know. Spirit ✨ always answers with the Truth🗡 even though you may not want to hear it. Raise your cup in honour of yourself and how far you have come and the courage you have shown to seek the Truth🗡. Raise your cup in gratitude to Spirit ✨. Give thanks to all you that you have. Let your light ✨continue to shine as a beacon for others. Know that your actions and deeds have not gone unnoticed. You have acted with love and integrity and that is to be commended. The journey has been difficult however you have chosen to be here as you have the strength and courage it takes to be a warrior of light ✨🗡. You will know what is Truth 🗡as you will feel it within. Once again the cards bring forward the importance of remaining grounded 🌲, calm and connected with Spirit ✨and your higher self. The Truth 🗡has a way of finding its way to the light✨. Use your light ✨within, your inner wisdom, to be discerning. Have faith and allow Spirit ✨to bring you peace 🕊 as you prepare to transform 🦋. Know that the Truth 🗡will set you free as once the Truth 🌲has been revealed it can no longer be hidden. Now your burdens are released and you are free to move on. Trust Spirit ✨to illuminate what you need to see. Go in faith. 🙏🤍✨


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