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November 7,2022


November 7,2022

Continuing with the theme of change 🦋, as well as the powerful and transformative energies of the total lunar eclipse tomorrow, we have two cards coming forward today. Over the next few weeks you may notice, or experience, Disruption. This may be within you and/or around you. The Disruption is necessary in order to create, and make room, for something even more beautiful🦋. Trust that wherever a shake up, adjustment or change is needed in your life that Spirit ✨ will bring it forth and also be there to support you through it. Do not fear the Disruption as this will only cause you to tense up and then it’s difficult to think because the adrenaline is rushing and the only thought you have is to run. With this fight or flight mechanism it is impossible to think clearly so you often make hasty decisions without all the facts. Yes there may be times that are a bit of a wild ride however forewarned is forearmed. Know when these times occur that you can stay calm by breathing through them and knowing that Spirit✨ and your angels 👼 are with you. Ask them for help and feel the peace 🕊 and comfort their energy brings. You are never alone. As discussed in the reading yesterday about a house being destroyed, in order to create a new and even more beautiful home, there is both destruction and Disruption. Both of these are needed to create something more beautiful. The Phoenix rises out of the ashes and The Butterfly 🦋 emerges from its cocoon. Both have to face destruction and Disruption. Remember that what is being created will be more beautiful 🦋 than you can imagine. This will require faith and trust to go with the flow and remain grounded, calm and in the moment where you can take mindful action versus fearful reaction. Spirit knows your concerns and heart’s desire. Trust you will get to where you need to go. You are no longer where you were. Going back is not an option. Each day is a new day. Deal with whatever arises one day at a time. Sending you lots of love a you begin your transformation 🦋and prepare to spread your wings and fly. Thank you for helping the earth 🌎 as well as your presence also helps others and the earth. Thank you for your service🙏✨💜 in creating something new and beautiful. Namaste.


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